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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Student "tests-out" of a science unit...creates video game!

Bailey, a fourth grader who tested out of an up-coming unit on electricity and magnetism, decided to create a video game review for her classmates. Students used her game to review for their unit test by playing, evaluating and providing Bailey feedback.

What a great way to differentiate for the needs of a student who has already demonstrated proficiency on a topic of study. Allowing Bailey to work on her computational thinking skills and apply her content knowledge at a higher level, benefited not only her learning...but the learning of others as well.

Student scores on the post-test for the unit ranged from a low of 73% to a high of 100%. Needless to say, Bailey was one of the ten students to earn a 100%. In creating her game, she found she had to know the content forward...and backwards...


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