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Sunday, April 3, 2016


With the shift toward CCSS and the mathematical practices, what better way to incorporate them! In this gamified version, students WHACK the gopher over his head once they master the mathematical practices. 

What does it mean?

  • Understand the meaning of the problem by looking for entry points to its solution
  • Analyze the information (givens, relationships, constraints, outcomes)
  • Design a plan  
  • Monitor and evaluate the plan and change course as necessary
  • Checks for understanding by asking "Does this make sense?"
  • Sticks with the problem - Does not give up easily.

How do I solve it?

  • Makes sense of quantities and relationships
  • Represent a problem symbolically
  • Considers the units involved
  • Understands and uses properties of operations
  • Considers many different strategies when deciding how to solve the problem

Application of strategies

  • Looks for patterns or structure
  • Uses models to solve problems
  • Looks for the big picture or overview
  • Knows and can select the appropriate tools for the problem (calculator, ruler, pencil/paper, concrete model, compass, protractor)
  • Notices repeated calculations and looks for general methods and shortcuts
  • Makes assumptions and estimations to make a problem simpler

Check for accuracy

  • Calculates accurately and efficiently
  • Labels accurately when measuring and graphing
  • Uses appropriate unit labels
  • Checks to see if an answer makes sense, and changes model/strategy when needed

Knowledge I used

  • Uses definitions and previously established causes/effects (results) in constructing explanations
  • Communicates answers by using appropriate mathematical vocabulary
  • States the meaning of symbols
  • Communicates and defends mathematical reasoning using objects, drawings, diagrams, actions
  • Decides if the answers of others make sense
  • Asks questions needed for clarifying and understanding


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