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Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Difference in Cognition - Not a Disorder!

This video was a game changer in my thinking and made me wonder...

WHY do we need to "label" students in our schools? ALL children learn differently and we need to embrace these differences as a society. I have become extremely disenchanted with schools and teachers that say, "well...he/she is special education...there is nothing I can do (as the regular classroom teacher)."

While there are MANY great teachers out there who own the education of all their students, the mantra needs to be 'They are all my students - Every Day!' Whether the teacher has the student in a class, or he/she encounters a student in the hallway, children want to live up to the high expectations that we set for them. Too many times I have seen a teacher ignore the behavior of another student as, "they are not my student."

Please view this video and feel free to comment on the identification of students within our school system and how this affects the maximum potential of EACH one!


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