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Monday, January 21, 2013

Is your child gifted?

Okay...I am going to split my blogs into two from this day forward! I have two passions in life and one blog will be devoted to gifted education and Response to Intervention...the other blog will be devoted to K-8 computer science and programming! 

Please see Intervention Corner for great Response to Intervention resources!

I am currently working with my district on revising our "Gifted and Talented" identification and services. We are moving toward an inclusive Response to Intervention and Parent Advocacy model. The model revolves around one main question: Are my child's needs being met? 

The single most effective means of moving a student's learning path forward has to be based upon daily differentiated instruction based upon need and GROWTH! But more on that later...stay posted to this blog and follow along on the journey. 

Please forward to anyone who is interested in gifted education - both educators and parents!


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