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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RtI - Response to Intervention

learning progression
In my new role as a K-12 Intervention Coach, I have seen many teachers frustrated and in tears over our jump into the proverbial RtI waters. In an effort to put the frustration into perspective, I came up with this visual of the building blocks needed in order to effectively deliver Tier 2 and 3 interventions. As you can see the 1st building block is an understanding of the CCSS - but not only at the grade level you teach. You really need to understand what comes before and after order to put it into perspective. One you have a handle on the CCSS, then you need to break it down into bite sized chunks (aka: learning targets) for your students. THEN, you can move into formative assessment. How do I know when my children have achieved their learning target. Once I give the formative assessment, this will move into the 4th block of differentiation. I can then use my formative assessment to determine how I will differentiate for learners within my classroom. This is really the foundation for Level 1 of RtI. Once I have put these first four building blocks into practice, then I can work on collaborating with others around the level 2 & 3 interventions of RtI. 

Here is a website I have put together that is full of RtI resources!


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